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Imagine hearing from 20 of the Most-Renowned Specialists in the Brain Health Community… for FREE!

The 2020 Brain Health Online Summit brings together 20 of the brightest minds in the Brain Health Community – leading Healthcare Professionals, Brain Injury Survivors, and Advocates –  to share strategies, real-world experience, and clinical applications to help bring more understanding to this invisible injury!! Hear from one of these amazing experts each day throughout the month of March!


And it’s FREE!

The 2020 Brain Health Online Summit is ideal for:
Brain Injury Survivors, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Co-Workers, Healthcare Providers, and anyone 
interested in their overall Brain Health Function.

Not able to attend all of the live sessions??
You can purchase all of the recordings by registering below. 

– Key Elements of Effective Brain Training

– Headaches and Neck Pain

– Cerebellum Rehab Strategies

– Frontal Lobe and Decision Making

– Low Level Light Laser Therapy

– The Otolithic System

– Recovering and thriving with a Traumatic Brain Injury

– Activate and Train the Cerebellum with Vibration

– Central Nervous System

– Nutrition and Diet

– Accelerating Concussion and TBI recovery with Neuro Therapy

– Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

– Chinese medicine in the recovery of concussions and TBI

– The Eye Brain Connection

– Eye Movements in Detection of Brain Injury

– Functional Medicine

– What our Blood Work can Tell us

– A Survivor’s Perspective of Recovery 

 – And much more!


The Brain Health Online Summit is absolutely FREE! There is NO COST to join us for this LIVE virtual Summit throughout the month of March! You can watch the Summit on your computer, phone, or tablet from the comfort of your home in your favorite pajama pants!!

Once you are registered you will receive information on how to purchase all of the recordings, as well as a BONUS VIDEO you can watch right away!

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You can purchase all the digital audio recordings for just $29. Watch at your convenience at any time. A portion of all fees will be given to the LoveYourBrain Foundation to support their wellness retreats for survivors.

Facebook Community Group

As a Summit attendee, you will have members-only  access to a private Facebook Community where you can interact with others who, like you, are ready to make meaningful changes in their brain health.

Join us in the community for a chat after each interview.



Meet Your Hosts

Amy Zellmer

Your hosts, Amy Zellmer and Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, have created this free online summit training to help educate and create awareness about this invisible injury that affects 2.8 million Americans annually, and is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

They saw a need in the brain injury community for more training and education on alternative healthcare methods and modalities for those suffering from the lingering effects of brain injury.

Click on either of their images to read their full bio.

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, DC, DACNB

Featured Speakers

Sharik Peck, PT, MRC
Kellie Pokrifka
James A. Heuer, PA
Dr. Brian Sass, DC, DACNB
Dr. Shane Steadman, DC, DACNB
Dr. Kassie Kaas, DC
Dr. Erik Reis, DC, DACNB
Dr. Ayla Wolf, DAOM
Sam Black
Brock Nelson, NHL - NY Islanders
Amy Lawson Moore, PhD
Dr. Cooper Dykstra, DC
Jonathan Chung, DC
Dr. Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB
Dennis Thompson, Neuroplastician, CARPT
Rachel Mischel & Lisa